Intermediate Kumite

Kumite for students of intermediate skill and experience will follow closely to the rule-set of the International Kyokushin Karate Federation (IKF) with a few adjustments to meet our needs. This method of Kumite will be full-contact and is practiced as conditioning and preparation for advanced Kumite.

Intermediate Kumite is full-contact, with protective gear for the head, face, hands, and feet. A chest and groin protector are also recommended.

Full-contact Kumite means techniques are thrown with both power and control. Rounds are not point-based; however, rounds will now be time-based. A standard round will be 3 minutes.

A round will be ended if a competitor is:

  • Knocked down by their opponents' punch or kick.

  • Swept or thrown, with a punch to the body immediately followed.

  • If a competitor is forced out of the ring by their opponent.

  • If a competitor gives up due to injury or other reasons.

  • A judge or coach may also end a match if there is obvious injury or if a competitor does not example the characteristics of respect and sportsmanship as expected by karateka.

  • If the round has not ended after 3 minutes, the judge will make a decision based on which competitor had better technique and control of the ring.

Some other key points.

  • Kicks are permitted to the body, the head, the thigh, and below the knee.

  • Kicks to the knee are not permitted.

  • Punches are only permitted to the body.

  • Punches are not permitted to the head or below the belt.

  • Throws, sweeps, and trips are permitted; however, grabbing is not permitted.

  • A single open hand push is permitted if immediately followed up by a technique, i.e., a Kick or a Throw.

  • Pushing with more than one hand or not as a setup for another technique is not permitted.