Beginner Kumite

Beginner Kumite is designed to promote speed, control, and confidence.

The rule-set will be based on that of the World Karate Federation (WKF). The system will be point-based with rounds restarting each time a clean point is scored.

Beginner Kumite is light contact with protective gear for the head, hands, and feet. A chest and groin protector are also recommended.

Permitted techniques are light contact to the body or head with punches or kicks.

Whenever a point is scored, the official will pause the match and restart the participants in the center of the ring.

*Strikes with too much force, or that are uncontrolled will result in first a warning, then on a second offense, forfeit of the match.

*No strikes below the belt.

*No throws or grabs permitted.

*No clinching or holding permitted.

*Sweeps are permitted, but only if executed without holding onto the opponent.

*Kicks to a fallen opponent are not permitted for safety reasons.

*Punches to a fallen opponent's torso are permitted, but not to the head.

*No knee or elbow strikes.

*A judge or coach may also end a match if there is obvious injury or if a competitor does not example the characteristics of respect and sportsmanship as expected by karateka.

Point Kumite Scoring:

Rounds are point-based, the first competitor to 3 points wins the match.

Scoring is as follows.

Kicks to the head: 3 points.

Kicks to the body: 2 points.

Punches to the body: 1 point

Punches to the head: 1 point.

Punches to a fallen opponent's torso: 3 Points.

Kicks to a fallen opponent: 0 Points (Not permitted)

Sweeps: 0 Points, unless followed up with a punch to the torso.