Annan (or Anan or Ahnan (安南)) is a karate kata, which is a traditional method of recording a sequence of movements for offense and defense. The origin and the creator of this kata are unknown, but its preservation and appearance in Okinawa can be credited to Nakaima Norisato, an Okinawan martial artist that was able to fully document and record fighting techniques learned by during his study and travels in China. Nakaima, a Chinese scholar, studied with the top Chinese martial arts practitioners in the Beijing area during the mid-19th century.

The kata contains many palm heel strikes as well as evasive footwork. The open hand and crane fist techniques lend credibility to this kata having roots in Chinese kung fu. The techniques can be applied as short-distance strikes and grappling to immobilize and control the opponent.

Tracking my own progress. (Left) This is my attempt at Annan. For a better example see the video below.

The team kata ANAN (ANNAN) performed by the female Japanese National Team at the 21st World Karate Championships in Paris, France.