See Also, Matsumura Rohai

Rōhai (鷺牌) meaning “vision of a white heron” or “vision of a white crane” is a family of kata practiced in some styles of karate. The kata originated from the Tomari-te school of Okinawan martial arts. It was called Matsumora Rōhai, after Kosaku Matsumora, who was presumably its inventor (not to be confused with Sokon Matsumura).

The Shotokan version of Rōhai (renamed Meikyo (明鏡), literally "bright mirror" by Gichin Funakoshi) is very distinct from either the Matsumora or Itosu versions. It is believed that Funakoshi being a much older and earlier student of Itosu than Kenwa Mabuni may have been taught a different version of Rohai from Itosu known as Gusukuma Rohai.ōhai